Created in 2016 by Kirst Gordon, TWO-CONTINENTS is a curation of brands merged together into one.  Beautiful pieces that will live in your closet and drawers forever but that are also carefully handmade or made with reclaimed fabric and attention to detail. The cornerstone of TWO-CONTINENTS stems from living between two continets being Istanbul’s European and Asian side. The blend of cultures and concepts. Coming from South Africa and witnessing so many different cultures and design factors, Kirst shows a diversity between Europe and Africa being two continents too. The DNA of TWO-CONTINENTS has been forged with the ideal of creating pieces that make you think twice about the progress and process behind each individual piece. The company has grown from accessories brand into a lifestyle brand, selling everything from ready-to-wear limited pieces in collaboration with a foreign designer, to working locally in Turkey with artisans to create a more mediterranean look and feel.


To create a lifestyle, that’s effortless

To curate a wardrobe that is slow fashion and carefully put together,
aswell as keeping each accessory for years to come.

We believe focusing on details is where we find our most exciting journey

Essential  that are curated to be timeless and conciously considered

Minimalistic, authentic and small batches .

 Many of the bags we create stand on their own but can be a extra addition to a wardrobe staple, the idea of mixing and matching different items in your wardrobe to create different outfits that are perfectly accessorized.

TWO-CONTINENTS is inspired by nature and women. The collaborations and women we choose to work with inspire us Daily and this can be seen through our imagery and pieces.